07 October 2014

Flagstaff, Arizona Daytime Meteor 04OCT2014

Flagstaff, Arizona Daytime Meteor Approx. 0900 Local 04OCT2014
VIDEO! updated 07OCT2014 with potential fall zone Best Guess
16 Reports! Unfortunately 2  reports contain no town name to locate.

Information about the flight path and fall area are based on SINGLE camera data and therefore unreliable.

RESPECT the Diné and Hopi NATIONS.!!! - LunarMeteoriteHunter.

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Arizona Daytime Meteor Approx. 0852 Local 04OCT2014
v.3 c2014 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth

Arizona Daytime Meteor Approx. 0852 Local 04OCT2014 video
Flagstaff, AZ. Sandia Sentinel Allsky / Steve Schoner

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Contrail of Meteorite Seen Near Flagstaff
Posted to YouTube by NAZToday 72 views

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
04OCT2014 Patrick Williams, Arizona USA 9:00:00 2 sec NE/ left to right Bright White Venus Yes Just happened

04OCT2014 Blake Van de Loo AZ, USA 0913. MST 1-2 seconds N-E; N-W Fireball Samsun Didn't notice Short smoke trail

04OCT2014 Donald Golding Paulden, Arizona, USA 0900 Central Time 4 seconds North East Red Fireball Same as a signal flare. No Left contrail at lower end of flight

04OCT2014 kirsten arizona usa 0850am 4 east bright yellow sun no driving to grand canyon east 40.
saw bright falling object .left streak in sky

04OCT2014 Patricia Butler Prescott Valley,Az USA 8:50 AM Pacific time Five seconds Eastern Sky, Straight down, Facing East Bright fireball, contrail. No sound Bright red Couldn't see any Probably 100 miles or so east of Prescott Valley, Az. Contrail appeared to be 500 feet long but distance makes it impossible to tell for sure

All 16 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

update 07OCT2014 - repost

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