03 October 2014

UT ID Fireball Meteor 02OCT2014

UT ID Fireball Meteor Approx. 0435 MDT 02OCT2014
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UT ID Meteor Early Morning Approx. 0435 EDT 02OCT2014
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WATCH: Meteor Lights Up Utah's Sky | Fireball Caught On Camera Crossing Utah Sky (Video)
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
02OCT2014 While driving on the I-15, near Washinton Parkway, Utah, my partner and I, we're truck drivers, saw a huge flash in the sky, like a lightening bolt. Checked the sky and it was clear, seconds later we seen a bright, white rock-like meteorite falling to the ground. Unknown of where it touched down at. This was about 0435 mst - F Schiller

02OCT2014 Connolly, J Bountiful, UT, USA 5:00/MST, AM 20 secs SW-NE, Facing NORTH in car at time of event Hugh, Electric Blue 3/4 across sky then jets of orange w/glowing white tail bursting out before passing over mountain. Surprised to see it continue on without fading. Waited a min after passing the mountain in the direction of Salt Lake City (North) and Park City (N-E) thinking it might hit in the distance. WOW! Amazing in all it's Glory. An honor to witness this event. Very Bright,Equivalent to size of moon from my prospective Appeared to project flames from tail just before passing out of sight and continuing over mountain. Absorbing this entire event was my instinct vs missing 3 sec to prepare camera which was in hand but not powered on.

02OCT2014 Christopher Pope Centerville, Utah, USA 0438, Mountain, AM 4 sec Stopped in foothills above Centerville, heading Southeast, left to right, i was facing southbound Green and white colors with a tail behind it and sudden bursts of light, no sound Brighter than any star, moon, or planet No parts falling off I have a photo and video of the event

02OCT2014 Lynn Scherer American Falls, Idaho 4:35/AM MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE 5 secs S-E Right to Left Facing South Large pale yellow ball increasing to bright orange as it was closing in on the horizon. Slightly less than the sun, but very bright No I've never observed something this bright at night before.

02OCT2014 Terry Utah 4:36am MST 4-5 secs Travel-East; facing South Blue/white brighter than the moon, like lightening flashing one main section then broke into 3 fragments Begining at about 1 O'clock and traveled East past the horizon

02OCT2014 Rodger C. Fry Murray, Utah, USA 04:32 AM MDT 8-10 seconds NNW-SSE Facing South Green/Orange Est. -15 Mag Brighter than full moon Minor fragmenting near end Traveling fast estimated to be high and far away Probably asteroid not de-orbiting satellite

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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Unknown said...

I was traveling on I-15 near Scipio between 4 and 5 am and saw this fireball fall from the sky. I would like to know if anyone ever found where it touched down.