14 October 2014

Shreveport, Louisiana LOUD BOOM Possible Meteor 13OCT2014

BREAKING -- Latest UPDATE-- 1235 JST  16OCT2014 LMH , Tokyo
Approximate flight path defined and deceleration location approximated.
According to meteor radar expert, Marc Fries, this was not the debris,  The so-called "debris" were on the radar in the same location 15 minutes prior to the event, according to Fries. -LMH
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Approximate Flight Path of Re-entry.
Sound barrier deceleration occurred just South of Greenwod, LA at High Altitude
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DEBRIS FIELD Located! strikeout @  1235 JST  16OCT2014 LMH , Tokyo
Still mystery event! - latest information
Shreveport, Louisiana LOUD BOOM  POSSIBLE Meteor Event 1627 CDT 13OCT2014
Meteor??? Maybe? ---- 35 Miles away heard in Texas!  IF it was a large meteoroid fragmentation a LOUD BOOM would result.  IF media witness reports are correct, and IF this event was meteor related, the detonation occurred near Greenwood, LA and Waskom, LA areas at 18-25 miles above the Earth. 
  According to media reports military, refinery, and pipelines are not responsible for the Boom.
-LunarMeteoriteHunter  updated 0158 JST 15OCT2014, Tokyo, Japan
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Shreveport, Louisiana LOUD BOOM Possible Meteor 1627 CDT 13OCT2014
Map showing boom reports.
and DEBRIS FIELD reported by NWS
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Debris Field Found on Radar
NWS Radar Image via KSLA TV
Please report the SOUND / sighting or what you experienced with city/town location!  Try and describe the sound and duration the best you can. We are trying to build a map; thank you!
Report HERE link

Still mystery event!  I have just been informed that the Calumet report by KTBS.com was from a prior event.

  "On the local 10:00 PM News, still no Official Word today on the Sonic Boom from the Sky.
  My guess, a large Meteor entering the atmosphere at a shallow angle. At the time of the Sonic Boom , about 4:30 PM, the local relative direction of the Earth was away the Sky, toward the Ground, whereas opposite motion of the Earth at 4:30 AM is somewhat from the Ground toward the Sky. When the Sun is low in the Western Sky or in the early evening, the Earth is moving away from the direction overhead, this is why many of these Sonic Boom-generating Meteors come in at a shallow angle, late in the afternoon or early evening. The Asteroid fragment last year in Russia, happened in the morning, locally the Earth was moving toward the sky amplifying the meteor’s velocity. It is just a matter if time; a large object will slam into the atmosphere over a populated area. The object over Chelyabinsk Russia, February 15, 2013, weighed over 12,000 metric tons, traveling over 40,000 mph, equaled the destructive force of 500,000 tons of TNT. Fortunately that object in Russia burst high in the Sky with a relatively shallow horizontal motion. If it had come in at a steeper angle, the shock wave would have slammed perpendicularly against the ground focusing the local energy of the shock wave, smashing entire cities, like that of the event in Russia 100 years ago.


  In a few days a Comet, the size of a mountain will fly by Mars at a relative 33 Miles per second, passing a few thousand miles from its surface. Luckily the Solar System has been swept clear of most of these large objects perhaps hundreds of millions of years ago, or else our planet would not be as friendly a place to live as it is now, however, since there are so many of us on the surface of the Earth, some are an easy target for much smaller and more numerous objects."
Jay Salsburg, Shreveport, Louisiana

 " When folks across the ArkLaTex were startled by a loud boom late Monday afternoon, most assumed it was just another clap of thunder on a rainy day. But what they heard was an explosion that rocked Shreveport’s Calumet Refinery, a blast that caused two employees to be hospitalized.
  SFD says the fire was contained to a small, gasoline making section of the refinery and that there was no threat to the surrounding area. The two injured workers were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that were considered minor.
  The cause of the explosion will now be investigated by a team of Calumet safety specialists. The refinery is located just south of I-20 across from the state fairgrounds." 
Jay Salsburg, Shreveport, Louisiana
I have JUST been informed that the Calumet report by KTBS.com was from a prior event.

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
"How did you hear about this report? I was deep asleep, but it woke me. I remember hearing a very loud pop, then a series of reverberant booms travelling across the sky. When I went to sleep, we were having thunderstorms so I just thought it was a close lightning strike, but now that there is so much mystery, I do remember it did not sound like Thunder but a sonic boom, I remember them from the 1960s. For it to have waked me from sleep it would have to have been very loud, I sleep like a rock. Unfortunately the sky was overcast. Maybe an airline pilot saw something, but you know how they are about Unidentified Flying Objects. If this was heard over such a wide area, it had to have been at high altitude."
Jay Salsburg, Shreveport, Louisiana

13OCT2014 Stephen Foster Shreveport, LA 4:30ish pop/boom 2-3 sec until pressure waves shook windows Indoors at my home.Sound came from the backyard area and shook the back windows of the house the most. That would have put the direction west to southwest of my location. n/a n/a n/a Indoors when me and my kids heard it. Sounded similar to thunder, but was a sharper more distinct pop. Then the windows in my home rattled seconds later. My daughter asked what was that? I though initially it was thunder since we had been having storms in the area that day.

13OCT2014 Misty Roberts Shreveport, La 16:26 CDT 5 SEC above and everywhere extremely LOUD BOOM(S) no lights none seen VERY loud boom, then 2 smaller ones (like echoes maybe) that was felt AND heard. SCARY!!!!

13OCT2014 Jay Salsburg Shreveport, Louisiana, USA 16:26 CDT 15 seconds seemed that the sound was coming from the West and above extremely LOUD BOOM(S) N/A N/A Pop Sound followed by Sonic Booms
13OCT2014 Sarah Keithville ,la. 1630 PM central time 2 sec East We heard a very loud. BOOM sound and it shook my house Didn't see anything Didn't see anything This shook my home and rattled windows sounding like in my yard going off , It was so loud it made me jump out of laying down and dead sleep , run to check on my kids outside and thought it was a military detonation of some type . Sounded like a military grade BOOM of middle or cannon .

13OCT2014 Emily Sanchez Stonewall, LA 1625 central, PM It was quick, almost a minute maybe. No sight Immediate big boom, I thought a tree had fallen close by, but I did not see anything when I walked outside after it happened. N/A N/A The bad storm just passed away an ended and after is when the boom sounded, I felt vibrations, it shook my house like rattled it, every dog on our property were barking. Our outside dogs barked greatly. There were no signs of anything, no trees down, no smoke. Winds did pick up, it was very gusty and the cold front did seem to already start, it got somewhat cool.

13OCT2014 RJ Bossier city, LA 16:27:00 1 United States Boom no no no

13OCT2014 Brian WC Shreveport, LA, US 16:26 PM CDT 5 seconds unknown no LOUD BOOM unknown loud boom heard over NW Louisiana and far east Texas. It has been erroneously reported as a refinery explosion in another report. However, people have been mistakenly looking at a news story from a similar explosion two years ago. The refinery in question was not at the epicenter of the noise this time.

Media News Reports-

Debris field spotted on radar at time of boom heard around the ArkLaTex
Posted: Oct 15, 2014 3:20 AM TSTUpdated: Oct 15, 2014 9:35 AM TST
By Carolyn Roy
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The National Weather Service in Shreveport says they picked up a debris field on radar Monday afternoon at the same time many people around the ArkLaTex reported hearing a loud boom.
Source of boom heard around ArkLaTex not identified
Posted: Oct 13, 2014 5:52 PM CDT Updated: Oct 13, 2014 6:47 PM CDT
The source of a loud boom heard at points across the ArkLaTex from Marshall to Keithville to Haughton remains a mystery at this hour....

Loud Boom Rocks Shreveport - KTBS.com - Shreveport, LA ...
People in Shreveport say they heard what they believed to be a massive explosion at Calumet. It wasn't an explosion but it was very loud....  I have been informed that the Calumet report by KTBS.com was from a prior event.

Explosion Shakes Shreveport-Bossier
6 hours ago - We're hearing about a possible explosion at Calumet Lubricants, but the ...Shreveport/Bossier News...

Two years ago!! A different BOOM in LA!
MBIQ Detects Louisiana Boom - NOT Meteor 15OCT2012 http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/2012/10/mbiq-detects-louisiana-meteor-15oct2012.html

MBIQ Data Set-
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BrianC said...

Wrong on the refinery. The refinery story was one from two years ago that was still sitting on the website of KTBS and other news sites. It was related to the boom a year or two ago, not the boom from yesterday, 10-13-14.

Unknown said...

I was in Carthage, TX at that time yesterday. I don't recall hearing anything unusual at all. If there was any thunder, it wasn't at all loud. I definitely heard nothing that resembled a sonic boom or an explosion.

BrianC said...

The National Weather Service went back and found a debris plum on their radar that lingered for several minutes. It's in a rural location in South Caddo/far northeast DeSoto Parishes. A scan of google earth shows several gas wells in the location. I find it surprising that no one would have reported/noticed anything if something gas related had ruptured/exploded. But at least the location is narrowed down.

Unknown said...

I was north of downtown Shreveport on North market St. We heard it very clearly and we were indoors. The pressure wave hit us from the southwest and included movement underfoot, like a wave passing by.. The noise was a sudden boom that also rattled our windows on the south side of the building.At the time we thought the business next door, which deals with forklifts , had dropped one of the 10 thousand pound weights.

Unknown said...

Radar hits on the Fort Polk radar over Marshall TX on the 2.4 to 4 deg scans at about 4:22-4:23. These hits are strong and at 50,000-60,000 feet - high above any weather.