04 October 2014

Texas Meteors 03OCT2014

Texas Meteor/s Approx. 20'40  AND 2200-2238 Central Time 03OCT2014
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Texas Meteor/s Approx. 20'40 /// 2200-2238 Central Time 03OCT2014
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Neon Markers - Event 2
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
--EVENT 203OCT2014 Krisstina Drews Odessa, Texas USA 2238 pm central time 20 sec Facing the south, directionally via compass it fell (W-E) White ball with tail then turned bright orange heard nothing As bright as start then grew brighter when it got closer Not nay fragmentation that I could see from my location It's was amazing almost mesmerizing it fell to quickly I wish I could have got a picture.

03OCT2014 DJ Passion The Colony,Texas DENTON 75056 2235PM EST 20 secs . enough time to get 14yrolds attention NW traveling to SE, three witness ..we saw while I was driving southbound on Spring Creek RD and 121 area. we saw it facing southwest. red orange..falling Blue...descending Green streak long tail firecracker bright GREEN yes... like deterioration no photos fast event

03OCT2014 Hugo Jimenez leander texas 78641 22.30 PM. central 5 tp 10 secounds ne falling sw bright orange with blue and green tail sun/moon had a tail it was beautiful

03OCT2014 david San angelo tx 22:25:00 6sec s-e orange moon no orange flame behind it

03OCT2014 Ed san antonio tx 2220 15 second traveling north Green moon broke appart Green then multiple yellow

03OCT2014 James Tiemann Granite Shoals, Texas 22.20pm 09-11sec West to SouthEast. Facing South Bright white to silver. Same as or greater than moon. Like a firework with sparks I first thought it was some fireworks but was at a completely wrong direction. Kept eyeing it as it burned and broke up for many seconds while dirving. One of the best I have seen.

03OCT2014 Jasmine Plano, TX 22:15 pm central 5 seconds We were heading south t was traveling right to left going east Bright white almost like fireball in sky Sun No faded then returned even brighter then faded away It was very cool wish we had it on video!!

03OCT2014 Linda Whitson Big Springs, TX USA 22:15/CST, PM 6 W-E, right to left facing south Green Moon plus Yes No

03OCT2014 Scott Hudson Fort Worth, TX 22:14:00 7 seconds NE-SW Bright green Like fireworks No Thought it was a flare or firework but it wasn't falling was traveling slightly below horizontal

03OCT2014 nina rivera Dallas,TX 22:00:00 6 - 7 seconds south on hwy 67...saw it from right to left at an angle a bright baby blue .. venus at the end it broke off into little sparks my husband saw the last 3 seconds of it ..and i was with my daughter on the phone to confirm

03OCT2014 Sjohnson Gainesville, tx 22:00:00 7 seconds or so Facing south, moved from west to east Bright bright white, seemed to get brighter as it fell, and started having a fire trail behind it closer it got to ground White bright No fragments Seemed large

03OCT2014 VANESSA DALLAS, Tx 22:00:00 8 seconds South YELLOW fire no looked really big....compared to a shooting star

--- EVENT !
03OCT2014 Alpha San Antonio Texas U.S 20:35pm 5sec. I was facing left like a bright light going fast sun. thought it was a plane first.. um I only got a glimpse it just went to fast like something at high sppeds

03OCT2014 S Henley Plano, TX, USA Central USA 20:45pm Lasted approximately 10 seconds NW to SE travel, I was facing north and item traveled from my far left to near right Bright red/orange streak Very bright but dimming as it traveled across the sky Broke into two pieces a couple seconds before I lost visual due to sight line Unable to capture on film due to the brief duration of the event

All 32 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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