03 October 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite New 03OCT2014

UT ID Fireball Meteor 02OCT2014
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
Initial Meteor Sighting Reports- 02OCT2014 While driving on the I-15, near Washinton Parkway, Utah, my partner and I, we're truck drivers, saw a ...

NEO Asteroids Close Approaches October 2014
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
Object Name, Close Approach Date, CA Distance* (AU), CA Distance* (LD), Estimated Diameter**, H (mag), Relative Velocity (km/s). (2014 HR178) ...

MBIQ Detects MO IL Meteor 30SEP2014
MBIQ Meteor Bot Internet Query - Blogger
MBIQ Detects MO IL Meteor 30SEP2014 Check your security cameras! Please file yourmeteor sightings please HERE-

Meteor photobombs Quebec weather report
Sun News Network
The blog Lunar Meteorite Hunters reported the meteor was also seen in Ottawa, Rhode Island and Maryland. An Ottawa man said it looked like a ...

david vidu on Twitter: "Video: Meteor lights up Utah sky: SALT LAKE CITY — A meteor flashed ...
Video: Meteor lights up Utah sky: SALT LAKE CITY — A meteor flashed across the Utah sky around 4:... http://bit.ly/Zx7wH9 #meteor #sky.

Meteor or something fall from the sky near Montreal
It was filmed by TVA news network yesterday during the evening news:

UPDATE: Police report possible meteorite sighting in downtown Oklahoma City Friday
Police officers and firefighters are investigating reports of a bright light over downtown. Emergency workers have not found any evidence of aircraft in ...

Finding the Whitecourt Meteorite Crater With a 1947 Dodge
YouTube ⋅ 06:30
Four members of the Edmonton Antique Car Club continue their search for the Whitecourt Meteorite Crater in the 1947 Dodge. This time they not only ...

Police report possible meteor sighting in downtown Oklahoma City Friday
The light was possibly a meteor, according to one officer who reported on police radio. Firefighters have not found any aircraft down in the area.

Check Erie's night sky for these astronomical events
Reading Eagle
The Orionid meteor shower, which will peak in the pre-dawn hours on Oct. 21, will also be visible to sky gazers in the Erie region. Then on Oct. 23, ..

Latest UFO Sighting: Fireballs Lights Up Sky In Utah [Watch Video]
International Business Times AU
A Perseid meteor streaks towards the horizon during the annual Persied meteor shower in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, August 12, 2008. Perseids ...

Another fireball streaks across Mid-Atlantic skies
Inside NoVA
A large green fireball streaked across the sky Thursday night, prompting dozens of reports to the American Meteor Society. The meteor was seen from ...

Bright meteor spotted across the northeast on Thursday night
The American Meteor Society has several pending reports of a bright meteor across the northeast on Thursday night around 10:40 PM EDT. Reports ...

'Fireball' streaks across early-morning sky
SALT LAKE CITY — A bright light seen early Thursday morning was a fireball, or meteorbreaking up in the sky, according to the Salt Lake ...

Meteor lights up Utah's early morning sky
The Salt Lake Tribune
The meteor that lit up Utah's skies early Thursday morning was likely far, far away from us. While the falling space rock was a spectacular sight, with ...

Meteor gives 'amazing' early morning light show across Wasatch Front
Deseret News
A meteor was seen near the southeast horizon early Thursday, giving witnesses in Wendover, Ogden, Vernal and other areas a light show unlike most ...

Mystery fireball lights up the Utah sky like a UFO but astronomer insists it's just a meteor
Daily Mail
With dazzling flashes of green, blue and white, a mysterious object lit up the Utah sky early this morning. It silently soared over the state at around ...

Meteor orbits and dust; the proceedings of a symposium
DSpace Repository
Meteor orbits and dust; the proceedings of a symposium. Login · DSpace Home; →; Smithsonian Contributions Series; →; Smithsonian Contributions ...

Space Sleuths Piece Together Fiery Fall of Russian Spy Satellite Debris
The resulting fireball from parts of the Cosmos 2495 spysat's re-entry was not only spotted by skywatchers. It was also caught that night by a number of ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for October 4-10, 2014
American Meteor Society
Meteor activity in general increases in October when compared to September. A major shower (the Orionids) is active most of the month along with ...

OPPORTUNITY UPDATE: Opportunity Takes Twilight Images; Preps for Comet
Siding Spring Encounter - sols 3793-3798, September 24, 2014 -
September 30, 2014:
Opportunity is on the west rim of Endeavour Crater heading towards "Marathon Valley," a putative location for abundant clay minerals only a mile (1.6 kilometers) to the south. ...

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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