22 July 2013

Ontario, Canada Meteors 21JUL2013

Ontario, Canada Meteors 05'45 / 06'47  21JUL2013

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
21JUL2013 Millicent Todd Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 06:47am Ontario Canada 10 seconds North left to right I was facing North I was in a high rise apartment when suddenly I saw a flash in the sky and a bright red (like fire) falling from out of the clouds above a tall Hospital building 10 mins walk from here. The fire was falling steeply and the colour changed from wide to thinner and white it was squirly in shape by this time and it got thinner and thinne and fell steeply on the other side of the hospital Very red like fire and diminshed fast to a thinner white stream I was less than a 1/4 of a mile away and it fell behind the building but was really small by this time It all happened too quickly and unexpectedly to take a photo but my discription iis accurate 

21july13 Sandy Harriston, ontario, Canada I was driving near 5:45:00 4-5 seconds I was driving north east and saw it on my left going toward the earth in the same direction. Red ball with white behind it and a thick long green tail. It seemed close, like within a half hour drive away, but having never seen one before its hard to tell. It was daylight already so the green tail is what stood out Not sure It was startling to see one in the daylight. Spectacular. 

21JUL2013 Robert Toronto, ON, Canada 0535 EDT streak lasted approx 3 seconds Travelling North.  Yellow/White streek to NNW from West to East with approx 45 degree downward trajectory Yellow/white streak with small bright object in front of streak Very bright in dawn sky small object out in front of streak  none. 

21JUL2013 Brendan Edwards Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 5:30EST 3 sec Almost straight downward. I believe we were facing N-E at the time. white, yellow, blue As bright as sun not noticeably Approx. location 43.4528° N, 80.4908° W 

21JUL2013 Doug & Beth Britt, Ontario, Canada 5:30:00 5 t0 10 seconds NW to SE Left to right.  We were driving N on Hwy 69 - 2 miles south of Magnetawan River Road long very bright tail (yellowy orange) and ball(orangy red) at front  Brighter than the moonMoon -  breaking up in small pieces, then ball exploded and disappeared. Never personally seen one before - it was spectacular

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