07 July 2013

BC, Canada Meteor 06JUL2013

BC, Canada Meteor approx. 23'52 06JUL2013
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BC, Canada Meteor 06JUL2013
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Initial Sighting Report-
06JUL2013 Dean Radtke Maple Ridge, BC, Canada 23:52:00 3 North Fireball going straight down Ball of fire Not seen Burning ball

06JUL2013 Cameron Berry Nanaimo, BC, Canada 11:52 pm (British Columbia PDT -7) 3 Burned and went straight down White with slight purple and orange tints very very intense white inferno... not that I could see confirmed it with many other people. it is not just me.

06JUL2013 Kacey Gladstone Genoa Bay, British Columbia, Canada 23:48:00 3 seconds Downward Direction, Facing North White with red curling around the base with maybe some intermittent green. Moon None There were no noises and nobody around but me and my friend. We have just arrived home from Genoa bay.

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