12 July 2013

[IMO-News] Last Reminder 32nd IMC, Poznan, Poland, 22-25 August 2013.

[IMO-News] Last Reminder 32nd IMC, Poznan, Poland, 22-25 August 2013
  At this moment 105 participants from 22 countries are confirmed to participate at the 32nd IMC, 22-25 August 2013. About 40 will also participate at the Meteoroids conference.
  Not yet registered? You are very welcome to participate: you find all information on www.imo.net/imc2013. The final deadline for the IMC registration is 31 JULY 2013 at 23h59m UT.
  We would be grateful if you could share this IMC registration reminder via your local mailing service or social media.
  Some other IMC news:
  The 2012 IMC Proceedings are ready and can be consulted in preview as PDF: http://www.imo.net/imc2012/proceedings. 2012 IMC participants will receive their paper copy during the IMC in Poznan, Poland. 2012 participants who cannot participate in Poznan will get their copy via surface mail.
  The 2012 photo gallery has been added to the IMC history pages: http://www.imo.net/imo/imc/2012.
  IMO publications are listed with ADS Abstracts (a bibliographic project of Harvard, NASA, Smithsonian). In the past months all missing Proceedings that were ever published were scanned, documented and put online with Pdf's for all papers. All the IMC Proceeding papers can be consulted via this link: : http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs_doc/conferences1.html#P.
  We all look forward to see you again in Poznan, Poland next month.
The IMO team

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