02 July 2013

Brasil Space Trash, Earth Grazing Asteroid, or Meteor 18JUN2013 videos

Videos- Brasil Space Trash, Earth Grazing Asteroid, or Meteor approx. 23'40 18JUN2013--- Chinese Space Trash!

UNKNOWN writes,
"This event in Brazil was already confirmed as the reentry of a Chinese rocket:"

Asteróide cortando o céu de São Gonçalo-RJ em 18/06/2013
Uploaded to YouTube by Rafael Alfradique Faria 957 views
Published on Jun 19, 2013Asteróide cortando o céu de São Gonçalo por volta das 23:40h no dia 18/06/2013. No auge do clarão, parecia um avião em chamas de desmanchando pelo ar. O momento foi de susto, mas realmente o efeito visual foi impactante

18/06/13 Light in the sky :))
Uploaded to YouTube by Iago Rabello da Rocha 29,605 views
Today 06/19/13 at approximately 23:37 Lucas Oliveira da Silva and U.S., saw a scene that surprised us, we saw something shining in the sky and not know what it was. At first we thought it was a "shooting star" but ...His luster rested go to heaven, he left the horizon when looking to the right, crossed the sky and disappeared over the horizon on the left ... Comet? Meteor? Shooting star? Meteorite? would also like to know. - If anyone knows or has seen anything, please share, WAS VERY COOL hahaha What did this was given to shoot with the phone, and to help the mobile cape snagged the button zoon and he got a little more uncontrolled to get a sense of ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDx1N8zwPp4

Estrela Cadente ou Disco Voador Americana 18/06/2013
Uploaded to YouTube by Gilberto Rodrigues 2,837 views
Published on Jun 18, 2013
Perguntas? https://www.facebook.com/gil.rodrigue...

Uploaded to YouTube by Fernando Sousa 57,441 views
Published on Jun 18, 2013
Objeto estranhamente silencioso, luminoso, voando muito rápido e deixando um rastro luminoso/enfumaçado. Origem: +/-OSO - Destino: ENE (entre Rio e São Paulo). Hora 23:44h

Use Google Translate to translate as all stories below are in Portuguese.

Fireball crosses several cities in southeastern Brazil

Fireball in the sky draws the attention of residents of Rio and São Paulo
To the astronomers Institute Federal Fluminense, Campos, in northern Rio, may have been the remains of a Chinese rocket or even a meteor.

Fireball is seen in the sky in South and Southeast

Fireball crosses sky SP in the manifestation
Mysterious object aroused the curiosity of people who were protesting the city, light was also spotted inside

Fireball is registered in the skies over Brazil on Tuesday
Likely space debris was seen in Sao Paulo, Rio and Minas

"Fireball" causes glare in the sky and intrigue residents of Alagoas

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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This event in Brazil was already confirmed as the reentry of a chinese rocket: