24 July 2013

Acre, Brasil Large Bolide Fireball Meteor 21JUL2013

Acre, Brazil Bolide Fireball and Tremor 21JUL2013
 - Bolo de fogo - Brasil 21JUL2013
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Acre, Brasil Bolide Fireball and Tremor 21JUL2013
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  At approximately 22'45 Local Brasil Time in northern province of Acre, Brasil centered around the municipalities of Feijoo, Manoel Urbano, Sena Madureira and Rio Branco a very bright fireball and tremor were witnessed by 100s according to the newspaper "Noticias da Fronteira" and multiple FaceBook entries.

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original story in Portuguese and Posted in the newspaper, "Noticias da Fronteira" - use Google Translate to access-

"Ball Of Fire "Cuts The Sky Of Acre And Tremor Of Earth Was Sensed By Dwellers Of Several Municipalities the wording with Acrealerta'
  "The sky's Acre was cut by a mysterious "fireball" on Sunday night (21). A flash in the sky followed by a loud bang and earthquake occurred at around 22h45, caused fear in hundreds of residents from various towns of Acre." ...

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