17 July 2013

California Meteor 16JUL2013

California Meteor approx. 21'40 PDT 16JUL2013
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CA Meteor 16JUL2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
16JUL2013 Marc Ian & Janet Lakewood, CA - US 2145 PST 3 sec Falling From Sky bright green fireball, no audible sound Very bright, as though it were a very large green traffic signal None Very unusual.. Went to check out an unusual red light in the sky that we had not noticed before.. That light seemed to be at the same location as the falling green fireball. Turns out the red light was a cell phone tower that is located at the water treatment center for the city of Lakewood.  

16JUL2013 Denise H Santa Clara, CA, USA 21:40 PDT 5 sec. Facing E; started at around Deneb and went straight down toward ENE horizon Pure white, very bright despite city lights.  No sound.  Looked like it might reach the ground but did finally burn out just short of horizon. Brighter than any star or planet.  Hard to say if it was as bright as the moon since it was much smaller, but it was pretty intense. No I'm guessing if any of it reached the ground it must've landed in the Sierra Nevada mountains or in Nevada. 

16JUL2013 Jen BRENTWOOD, California 2130 maybe 6 seconds Facing East white and orangish  Very Bright white like a fireball just a trail behind  Looked very wide and close. It gave the illusion that it was going to land maybe a couple hundred miles away. It was the biggest brightest one I have ever seen

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Eagle Feather said...

7-17-13 last night from my windows in Menlo park,ca facing north west I saw a big blueish white light flash across the night.wondering if anyone else saw this?It was very large like nothing I've ever seen. Eagle Feather.