23 July 2013

Japan Fireball Meteor 19JUL2013

Japan Fireball Meteor 02:14:45 JST 19JUL2013
2013年7月19日2:14:42 JST出現の爆発火球

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上田 昌良 ホームページ  Masayoshi Ueda - Meteor Homepage
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伊代野研究室 - IYO Field Laboratory -Blog of Information Space Laboratory
Department of Applied Science, Okayama University of Science
For meteor-fireball 02:14:45 JST 19 July 2013
It is the image of meteor-fireball that has been recorded in (TENGEN) Sky monitor is installed in Okayama University of Science Faculty of Science foundation Natural Sciences Building 7 rooftop.
Bright meteor-fireball image is recorded in the eastern sky to 02:14:45 JST 19 July 2013.

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