15 April 2013

VA NJ MD DC DE NC PA Fireball Meteor 13APR2013

VA NJ MD DC DE NC PA Fireball Meteor 22'30 EDT 13APR2013
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VA NJ MD DC DE NC PA Meteor Sightings 13APR2013
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Initial Sighting Reports-
13APR2013 Chuck Rytelewski Mechanicsville, VA 22:30 EST 6-8 seconds S-N White w/tail moon had tail; fragmented at end fairly low in sky, very impressive!

13APR2013 N. McMurray Chester, VA USA 10:32 PM EST 3 seconds est. South to North  I was driving due East from white tail to light pale blue moon  brightness no burned brightly entire time very  slow decent 3 observed event

13APR2013 Jennifer M Virginia Beach, VA 22:00:00 3 seconds E-N White -16 Fragmentation. Broke into several pieces bearing 135 degrees

13APR2013 Chris Giesen bridgeton ,nj,usa 22:34 est 3 to 5 seconds w-e orange like  a  time laps  sunset little brighter then the moon no Was  the most amazing thing ive  seen. I  Had my  cam set up to try and take  pics of the northern lights and it    was in the  southern  sky behind us. It was huge   and I  was  expecting to hear  impact

13APR2013 CSB Vienna, VA 2230 EDT 3 Seconds, maybe more Relatively low on horizon SW-E White/Blue Brighter than Venus None None

13APR2013 bev Henderson, MD  USA 2230 30 sec SE toNE R to L Bright orange brighter than moon no no photo

Now 18 Reports-
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