02 April 2013

Texas Meteor 01APR2013

Texas Meteor 01APR2013
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Texas Meteor approximately 2020 CST 01APR2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

01APR2013 Celly Richmond, TX USA 22:00:00 3 sec E-W Saw a HUGE blue ball(Royal blue) with an organge/golden tail Sun Couldn't tell I believe it was a bomide meteor. Looking at pics, it shined really big and bright unlike the other types.

01APR2013 Shea Davenport Bellville, TX 20:28:00 5-7 seconds Right to left heading East on Hwy 529 White, red, green Bright flash - caught my attention while driving Unknown Was very pretty and much, much larger than a falling star - had la spectrum of colors and was bright

01APR2013 Stefanie Kingwood TX Approx 20:20CST 3-6 sec Traveling Right to Left No sound. At least 3x's larger than any shooting star I've ever seen. Was red, yellow and green, was so big it scared me momentarily and had a long and withstanding tail or streak Bright, but with the red and orange not so much, the yellow and distinct green caught my attention Not that I could see No

01APR2013 Debra Bonner Waco, Texas (looking West) 7-8pm. N-A I was facing sunset, the trail came almost straight down The trail was smokey, alittle after 8pm we thought we heard and felt a faint impact all of us saw the trail only N-A there are 5 of us, I wanted to know how many others saw it. It was beautiful

All Sighting Reports-

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