17 April 2013

Miyakejima, Japan Earthquake MAG 6.2 17'57 JST17APR2013

Japan Earthquake MAG 6.2 17'57 JST 17APR2013
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Miyakejima Island, Japan
C 2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
No damage reported.  No tsunami warning issued.  There may be slight sea-level changes in coastal regions.
CAUTION- Japan MAY experience even MORE stronger earthquakes in the next few hours/days.  Take precautions.  Know your neighborhood meeting locations, usually nearby schools, store some water and food that do not require refrigeration, prepare a backpack with a bug-out kit including emergency supplies and passport, if an earthquake happens while you are at home move to a safe location away from large objects, if you are outdoors move to an open space away from buildings.  In the event of an earthquake check the JMA official website or tune into NHK TV.

Occurred at (JST) 17:57 JST 17 Apr 2013
Latitude 34.1N
Longitude 139.4E
Depth 20 km
Magnitude 6.2
Region Name Miyakejima Kinkai

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