18 April 2013

Osaka, Japan Meteor - Odd Light-Emisson 16APR2013 珍しい発光の流星

Meteor light-emitting rare 04:27:41 JST 16APR2013
Camera Location- Osaka Higashi-Yodogawa-ku
2013年4月16日4時27分41秒 珍しい発光の流星表記時刻に、少し変わった発光をする流星が捉えられました。
English Google Translation-
Notation in time, meteor that the emission strange little was captured.
In the still image, it is like a meteor that was dimmed on the way, and then dimmed once you look at the video, there is a part that emits light to chase after.
It is a strange light emission pattern that nobody knows. Is it not caught any other?
- Satoshi Uehara posted on Sonota Co.

Sonota Corp Link to Post w/ Photo and Video-

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