15 April 2013

Russian Beaver May Aid Meteorite Hunt

Russian Beaver May Aid in the Chebarkul "Chelyabinsk" Meteorite Hunt
CAUTION - Stay Clear While They Are Working! They DO NOT like being filmed!
Beaver Attacks Man in Russia (Do Not Mess With This Beaver)
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  You may have read about the highly successful MeteoRats being trained and deployed to hunt for meteorites; but the Russians have found a new secret weapon for the Chebarkul "Chelyabinsk" meteorite hunt in Siberia that will continue this spring. Beaver are especially keen in swamp and marshland, whereas rats tend to shy away from these areas; also they are excellent at felling trees which saves time for getting firewood and making trails through the woods. They are excellent swimmers and divers and can easily search lake bottoms for meteorites. The beaver's downside is that they easily get distracted and tend to dam things up.
 Perhaps Canada, USA, and some other countries will work also at perfecting this meteorite hunter resource for meteorite recovery.
  It has been speculated that experiments are being conducted in Arizona, USA on an on-going meteorite hunt near Casa Grande; at least four bodies have been found.
  Previously the US deployed dogs, Hopper and Brix; but their success in meteorite recovery was very limited at best. Canada continues to use the MeteoRats; but soon may start using the MeteorBeaver since they are plentiful and it is the proud national symbol of Canada.

Bulgarian Propaganda Video on the Positives of the MeteorBeaver
От бобра добра не ищут
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Just Spotted in Ontario! - Canadian MeteorBeaver in Training
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