27 April 2013

Mexico Meteor 25APR2013

Mexico Meteor ~20:40 Local 25APR2013
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Mexico Meteor 25APR2013
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Búsqueda de caída de supuesto meteoro en Nayarit
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
25APR2013 Maria Osorio Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico 20:43 CDT (UTC -5) 3 sec NW-SE I was facing NorthEast and saw it going from left to right The center of the meteor looked white but the outer "layer" showcased bright orange and yellow; & green on its tail. No sound. Similiar to the Moon Don't know. "Flashed" a few times until it disappeared from my sight.

25APR2013 Judy Parks Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico 20:40 CDT 3-5 seconds   NE-SW Left to Right toward Puerto Vallarta Bright ball of light with a green tail at first instant thought it was a spectacular fireworks about to explode - no sound As bright as the full moon No falling parts When I spotted it there was time to point, others turned and saw as it streaked toward Puerto Vallarta across the Bay of Banderas

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