03 April 2013

VA MD DC Meteor 02APR2013

VA MD DC Meteor 05'45 EDT 02APR2013
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VA MD DC Meteor 05'45 EDT 02APR2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

02APR2013 Eric Arntson Chester, VA  USA 5:45 EST 2 sec NW-SE White/ no sound Moon no From my location it was SE of me

02APR2013 Mark S. Laurel, MD 5:45:00 2-3 sec It was headed in a Western direction Bright White Moon no I was headed south on Rt295 to DC and over Laurel, MD there was a bright white fireball in the sky that vanished quickly.

02APR2013 Dereck Adams Henrico,VA.  USA 5:45:00 3 seconds SE white with tail that had a orange reddish streak following it moon no fragments or noise none

02APR2013 SHERRY BOSLEY Approaching WDC on 29S 5:44:00 Few seconds W-E Green Rapid, evanescent It disappeared but no fragments seen No photo. Like a HUGE green shooting star which just disappeared in the sky "mid flight

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