16 April 2013

NE States US Meteors 14APR2013 Too many reports to Ignore

NE States US Meteors 14APR2013 Too many reports to Ignore
MA ME NJ CT NJ VA PA meteors 14APR2013

Please get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your favorite forums and local news outlets; check security cameras and allsky cameras for a capture of this event. Thank you!
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If you witnessed a meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you.

Event 1-
14APR2013 Gina Eastham Massachusetts USA 11:00 pm EST 2 seconds NW to SE Giant ball of white with bright light orange and yellow tail Bright as sun, white as moon No t Very large, looked the size of the sun from the point of view from Earth

14APR2013 Jackie Ramondelli Lunenburg,  MA, USA 10:40 pm EST 4 seconds I was facing east, in front of me N-S Bright Bright no trail of light

14APR2013 bg richmond, maine 22:33:00 2 sec SE wide bright orange very bright no seemed very wide - bright - short duration

14APR2013 Kayli Deerfield 10:38:00 3 seconds Up to Down Orange Brighter than stars No No

Event 2-
14APR2013 Erica Bergen nj Approx 9:30 pm 2 to 3 secs East of the moon No sound, orange Brighter/bigger than a falling star No Looked like a ball of fire

Eevent 3- 
14APR2013 Dan Framingham, MA USA apprx. 20:30 EDT 3-5 seconds E to W. driving westbound, first noticed streaking at top of windshield Very bright white coma and thin silver tail Brighter than Moon, coma about twice the size of Venus No fragmentation noticed Driving on the MassPike westbound; it appeared slightly to the north, very high and very fast

14APR2013 Rich Oxford, ct 2050 2 secs East to west White, no sound (indoors) Venus No None

14APR2013 Gina Marksbury Old Tappan, NJ USA 8'40pm 3 secs West/down bright white moon did not notice it was huge and bright

Event 4-
14APR2013 Paulette Lineback Virginia Beach, VA 2000 pm 10 sec going right facing on Virginia Beach Blvd and First Colonial drive Over RIcks Resturant No sound just a ball of fire first thought plane on fire till it got closer Sun No It was amazing to see!

14APR2013 Bernard Re, Jr. Springfield, MA, USA 19:50 (9:30pm EST) 3-5 sec. Southeast to southwest Blue light, shootng starlike, but slightly slower moving Shooting star but blue na none

14APR2013 Jeff Kluck Bloomsburg, PA USA 7:50PM EST 30 seconds Heading West/SW White - no sound Bright as the moon None seen Similar to the trail of a jet but much shorter in length and brighter

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