16 November 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16NOV2012

Possible meteor spotted in GTA -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net
Toronto, Ont. - There was an unexpected sight in the sky Thursday morning for some 680News listeners, who called the newsroom to say they believe they saw ...

The Leonid Meteor Shower | meteorwatch.org
The Leonid Meteor shower peaks on the 16th/ 17th of November and is one of the most dramatic and famous meteor showers.

Amateur astronomer leads park's star gazing
Bastrop Daily Enterprise
On the night of Oct. 20, around 40 patrons turned out at the park to witness the Orionid MeteorShower. Brantley, with the help of local “amateur astronomer” Kay Singer, selected a different night during the months of October, November and December to ...

Rare Meteorites Born in Violent Asteroid Collisions ...
The rarest, most dazzling meteorites on Earth were born in catastrophic collisions of magnetic .

Meteorites reveal warm water existed on Mars
Space Daily
The study determined that water temperatures on the Red Planet ranged from 50C to 150C. Microbes on Earth can live in similar waters, for example in the volcanic thermal springs at Yellowstone Park, the scientists behind the research point out.

Leonid Meteor Shower 2012 Peak: Weather Forecast, Where and When to Watch
The show follows some nice shows by the Taurids Meteor Shower earlier this month, and the spectacular Perseids Meteor Shower, which wowed gazers in August. The famous Leonids are expected to peak on Saturday, Nov. 17, in the pre-dawn hours, and ...

Meteorites reveal warm water existed on Mars
This is an Electron Microscope image of the Lafayette meteorite (NHM sample BM 1959, 755). It shows the hydrous vein with carbonate and clay deposited by water at up to 150 oC on Mars due to an ancient impact. The field of view is 50 microns. Credit: ...

Rare meteorites created in violent celestial collision
A tiny fraction of meteorites on earth contain strikingly beautiful, translucent, olive-green crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix. Called pallasites, these "space gems" have fascinated scientists since they were first identified as originating ...

Large fireball seen from Florida to North Carolina - Signs of the Times
Initial Sighting Reports 08 November 2012 Dawn, Kissimmee, Florida 21:00:00 5 -10 seconds duration - Facing north, [it passed overhead] on my right. Primarily ...

Found a Meteorite? Want to See One? Meet an Expert Saturday
If you think you may have found one of the Novato meteorites from the Oct. 17 fireball that disintegrated over the North Bay, or you would like to see the real deal, there's an event set up for you on Nov. 17. Meteor astronomer Dr. Peter Jenniskens of ...

Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Before Dawn Saturday
This weekend brings us the return of the famous Leonid meteor shower, a meteor display that has brought great anticipation and excitement to night sky watchers around the world. This will be a favorable year to look for the Leonid meteor shower because ...

Leonid Meteor Shower on 11-13-2012
Even though the peak is not until Friday Night into Early Saturday Morning 16th to the 17th, the Annual Leonid Meteor Shower has begun..I have already captured a dozen or so last night via two of my Night Sky video Cameras. Every year about this time ...

Leonid Meteor Shower 2012 This Weekend, Weather or Not
new_asset_attachment_attributes. That advancing autumn storm looks like it will prevent Napa Valley residents from viewing the Leonid meteor shower this weekend, but if you plan to travel - or if there's a break in the weather - here are some tips for ...

Bernie Badger: Pull up a chair and face east for Leonid show
Florida Today
The Leonid meteor show is due to peak in the pre-dawn hours overnight. Best views are from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Saturday, but only a sprinkling of meteors is expected, from 4 to 12 meteors an hour. The Leonid meteors are among the fastest, streaking at 45 ...

Sky Spy: Leonid meteor shower coming Friday
Arizona Daily Star
The Leonids in November, the Geminids in December and the Perseids in August are the three best predictably good meteor showers every year, weather and the moon permitting. This year the Leonids should be at their peak late Friday night and early ...

Leonid meteor shower how to get the best view | Stuart Clark ...
Stuart Clark: The Leonid meteor shower reaches a peak this weekend. Then Tuesday may bring a rare chance to see 600-year old meteors.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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