09 November 2012

CO AZ NM UT TX OK Meteor 08NOV2012

CO AZ NM UT TX OK Meteor Approximately 11'00 MST 08NOV2012
Meteor Sighting Reports of the 08NOV2012 NM CO AZ UT TX OK Meteor
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Initial Sighting Reports-
08NOV2012 Tim Hunter Fort Collins, Co USA 11:30 pm mst 4-7 seconds Direction was from sw to ne Very bright , cutting torch right  l Very Yes , only at the end Nope

08NOV2012 April Medley Clovis, New Mexico, USA 23:00 Mountain Time 20 seconds Start above my house went from South to North I was facing North White flash then saw a large falling "fireball" which had many large and visible fragments, latent visual trail was visible for about 20 seconds. Very unusual and large, seemed close. 5 minutes later I heard a large "boom" in the direction the body traveled. White light like other stars but brighter than all others I could see. Yes No, eye witness event.

08NOV2012 L. Cronin Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA 22:59 Mountain Standard Time ~3 Facing due south, event traveled N-S Bright green streak in sky, no sound heard in car Brighter than the moon Not noticed Streak almost vertical

08NOV2012 shannon cornett coolidge az mountain time AZ 10:58pm quickly 4-5 seconds i was driving east and it went  from  my right to left glowing green bright green flouresant, was in vehicle so didnt hear sound almost like sparks very bright green yes looked like sparks falling off glowing green  light i can draw what it lookef like or similar! Wow the sight was unbelivable i cant even explain how it was , wow!!

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2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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