09 November 2012

FL NC GA Meteor 08NOV2012

FL NC GA Meteor 08NOV2012

fF you saw this meteor please file a meteor sighting report; thank you!
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Initial Sighting Reports-
08NOV2012 dawn kissimmee , florida 21:00:00 5-10 seconds Facing north  on my right Primarely Red ( fire tail ) very bright .. moving fast , disentigrated This was very large and very bright ! Moving fast with long fire tail .. Amazing !

08NOV2012 Dee Asheville, NC 8:50pm est 5 sec E-W Facing south Light green hue Moon No From 300ft saw fall area. 14 acre empty area.

08NOV2012 William Mull MAIDEN, NC, USA 20:40:00 2.5 sec E-W facing south Bright white Very bright Long tail It appeared to be on a downward trajectory. One of the largest I personally have ever seen.

08NOV2012 Love Dearth Spring Hill,FL,USA 8:40 PM Eastern Standard 3-5 seconds E-W, Right To Left, Facing North Bright looking ball with good trail. Looked awfully close. No noise Moon No Either largest or closest I have ever seen

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2012 THE Year of Meteors!


Unknown said...

08 NOV2012 Kimberly Mackey-Bryant Barnesville, Georgia USA 20:43 EST, moving East to West facing South, approximately 7 seconds. Red, blue, green and white. Very long tail. Extremely bright. Falling downward. Was very large and very low, almost tree top high. No noise. It was absolutely spectacular!

Unknown said...

I saw this one. It was unlike any ive seen before. The tail stayed behind for a couple of seconds and looked like the trail behind a jet. The meteor itself was an intense neon blue about 1/3 the size of a full moon in appearance. An unreal and completely unexpected experiance. 24 Year old Shawn Dixon. Blackshear, GA.