25 November 2012

Breaking News - CA NV Meteor 24NOV2012

Breaking News - CA NV Meteor 21:00 PST 24NOV2012

If you witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report at:

24NOV2012 Brett Hankins Sonora, CA USA pst 5 seconds 9:05   N E white lots of sparks moon yes it was huge and looked almost like the moon falling

24NOV2012 David Wright Fallon, NV, US 2100 Pacific time About 1 sec ~45deg above horizon to S, travel down, SSW. Bright Green, and broke apart VERY bright, like aircraft landing light. Yes, appeared to explode and trail pieces.
24NOV2012 Patty Howard Clovis, CA USA 9:05 PM Pacific 7 seconds Facing north Bright yellow and red sun huge flame it looked so close, right over my head. didnt have time to grab my phone out of my pocket. it was amazing.  Area was around Herndon Avenue 1/4 mile from Acadmey, Clovis, CA

24NOV2012 Rachel R RENO, NV USA 2100 super brief...maybe 2 seconds? Fell almost straight down over south Reno Super bright white light fell from sky over south Reno around 9pm pacific time SUPER bright No Was glimpsed through a tree, I could have hallucinated it?

24NOV2012 Abbie Carmel Valley, California, United States 21:00:00 I saw it for 5 seconds I was facing east and saw it moving downward Red tail, very large A little igniter than the moon, looked only a little smaller than a full moon No No

24NOV2012 Harold Buchann North of Corona CA USA 20:55 PST 2 seconds West and down yellow Venus no It was a fireball dropping from the sky

24NOV2012 Tisha Rocklin,Ca 20:10:00 maybe for 2 or 3 seconds Facing east falling South East Big Big Bright White Ball falling only about 300 feet from land as bright as the moon Could not tell I have seen falling stars, but thing was way different..

24NOV2012 Steph el dorado hills, ca, usa 2100 2 seconds NE to SW I was facing south Super Bright White, as bright as the full moon reminded me of a sparkler not at first, when burning out it seemed like a couple of pieces falling off It seemed so large and close.  The brightest moving object I have ever seen in the sky

24NOV2012 Mitchell/Paula Atascadero, California approx. 21:00 PST about 6 seconds In a car headed north. Object appeared to be heading north, northeast maybe. very bright blue/green/white with tail less bright than the moon, but much brighter than venus no larger than any meteor I've ever seen. Very bright and quite large.

24NOV2012 Daniel McCormick Folsom California 10:00 pm pst 8 seconds west/left to right Bright White and bluish on its edges bright as the moon no it was a circular ball of light coming towards earth heading west above Folsom CA

24NOV2012 Morgan Roseville, CA, USA 20:50:00 5 to 8 Seconds 75 degree angle of decent from NE to SW while we were facing south Very bright metalic anodized light green in color Brighter than the moon and streetlights but not as bright as the sun. Solid mass with no parts falling off Appeared as a falling glowing green ball for about 2 seconds then quickly formed a long streaking tail with thin yellow highlights appearing to the sides of the long green tail. The large object did not fragment as it fell out of our view below the tree line at about a 75 degree angle.

24NOV2012 Sarah Chico, CA 21:00:00 Didn't burnout in my vision. Driving south, it was traveling southeast Different than any I have ever seen. Large with a short orange tail. Very bright. Nothing falling off. No photo as I was driving.

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2012 THE Year of Meteors!


Melissa Osborne said...

Did anyone get a photo or video? I was driving and couldn't! Absolutely stunning.

JayinRaro said...

Approx 11pm Cook islands time 24 November 2012 / would be 10pm NZST 25 November 2012. Big orange flare looking thing in the sky, towards the south of Rarotonga. Was driving but kept it in view, dropped in height and became like a dimming red dot. Can someone tell us anything?!! We'd like to know... Have seen space junk falling before off to the south of Raro... This didn't have the same fireworks look.

JayinRaro said...

Sorry just to add, it is just before midnight here in Raro.

Rounding Third Staff said...

I saw it Saturday night greenish yellow with green tail...in the northeastern sky. Looked pretty big. It's the second large meteor I have seen in Northern California in the past 4 weeks.

Mark Dayton said...

Rounding Third & Melissa, Can you both please fill out a meteor sighting report so that we can know where you are located as well as where you first saw it (direction), where you last saw it and direction it was traveling. Any info would be a big help, Thanks!

Unknown said...

I saw one tonight November 28th around 11pm in Denver going north towards Westminster it was a bluish green with a firey trail it was beautiful but it alarmed me is it normal to meteor s to be sighted on separate nights? The reason I ask is because there was news coverage about a month ago about an unidentified flying object above Denver so I am just a little nervous being I saw this and talk of the end of the world recently