27 November 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 27NOV2012

BBC News - Meteorite hunt proves fruitful in Polish wood
A large meteorite, believed to have crashed to earth 5000 years ago, has been uncovered bymeteorite hunters in a wood in Poland.

Revisiting Comet Halley
Comet Halley, the originator of the Orionids meteor shower that lit up our skies last month – as they do every October – is seen here up close by ESA's Giotto probe as it flew past the famous comet on 13–14 March 1986. Giotto was ESA's first deep-space...

UFO: Vancouverite notices Green Fireball
Canadian National Newspaper
Since the 1940s, Green Fireballs have been witnesses by people across the globe. Researchers and scientists have been unable to explain this phenomenon. The Wikipedia Article, provides a lot of information about the phenomenon of green fireball...

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https://www.facebook.com/orsocientifico Nel 1970 i sovietici hanno scoperto un tesoro ... Diamonds from Popogai Impact Crater

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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