26 November 2012

CA NV Meteor 25NOV2012

CA NV Meteor ~01:20 PST 25NOV2012

If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports:

25NOV2012 Nick Reno, NV 1:10 AM PST About 2 seconds. Facing southwest, traveled to the east No sound. Colors were bright white with a little bit of blue, followed by some sparks as it fell apart. About as bright as the moon. Yes No

25NOV2012 Patricia Chino HIlls, CA 1:13:00 Estimated to be around 4-5 seconds. United States HUGE green light going S to N, leaving the atmosphere, lit up the sky. Suddenly turned into an orange/white color. Around just as bright as the moon, extremely beautiful. No parts falling off, remained in one piece. Unbelievable sight, did not look natural at all, more so artificial.

25NOV2012 jennifer bakersfield, ca. 1:20 a.m. 2 seconds N-E green (bigger than a shooting star) ? no I saw a green ball of fire coming down from the sky from my front window

25NOV2012 Katie W. Riverside, CA USA 120 3 NW white/orange/yellow very bright streak very bright flash/ streak of light falling straight down, no sound seemed very close

25NOV2012 Francisco manriquez highway 40 west,needles,  ca 1:20:00 4 seconds north west very bright.it lit up the dessert  for a second or two then broke apart while falling down very bright cant explain it  but it lit the whole dessert yes many very unusual how it lit the whole dessert green flash

25NOV2012 itzia Hernandez & amy villegas sierra county California 1:10-15 1.5  sec? traveled left straight down, FACING south big red ball followed with red flames red flames yes, it was trucken awesome :D

25NOV2012 Tim Ceres, Ca 1:00:00 1.5 seconds South to north Blue/green Moon Yes Largest I've viewed

25NOV2012 Niilo Tippler Los Angeles, CA, USA. 90069 Zip code. 01:30 PST 4-6 seconds. Facing NE. Object trajectory NE 60deg from Horizon to 30deg from Horizon. Traveling NE vector towards horizon (down or away from viewpoint - difficult to tell). Bright green w. a yellow/green center. Green debris falling from center. Green trail. No sound. Brighter than moon. Yes. Green colored debris falling from center, with trail followers. Sky was reasonably clear. Some minimal haze, but brighter stars visible.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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