22 November 2012

Queensland Australia Meteor 21NOV2012

Queensland Australia Meteor ~22:50 21NOV2012

If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you!

Initial Reports:

21NOV2012 Jeff Redlynch, Cairns, QLD, Australia approx 2300 GMT+10 approx 3-4 seconds Looking South, meteor travelled in a SW direction Very bright green, lit up the sky with green light, central yellow/orange flame much brighter than the moon fragmented as it travelled across the sky, bits streaking and broke up into 2 or 3 large pieces before disappearing At first I thought it was someone letting off a boat flare, but it couldn't be as it was far too high and over land.  Amazingly vivid green light lit up the whole sky to the South, with an orange flaming centre

21NOV2012 David Vincent, Townsville Qld 22:52:00 Just seen lasted for aprox 3 seconds Was facing North traveled from right to left Bright white then a bright green Very bright seen through tinted windows Yes No camera but was very low in the sky

21NOV2012 Benjamin Barbi Ingham, QLD, 4850 22:45 GMT +10 30 sec? went behind trees Right to left facing North Green/Blue flash lit up the sky like day. orangeish head with blue tail Flash was like daylight cant recall seen the flash and the meteor pass westerly in a downwards motion. about 5 minutes later was a loud boom that shook my house.

21NOV2012 Linda Townsville, Qld, Australia 20:46 GMT +1000 5 sec Start: North Travelling North West Large Red Flash,  With a red dotted tail(no sound) Sun The red tail looked like it was bouncing (like dash space dash space) There was a large red flash followed by a red line (like a series of dashes before I lost sight of it behind a cloud.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!


Nikkita said...

Saw this looking off balcony facing south east at Yorkeys Knob lasted 5-7sec. Watched two flashes that lit up the sky to almost daylight, followed by a yellow head and blue tail that slowly went across the sky from south east to south then appear to drop before fading out. Was beautiful!

Unknown said...

From Cardwell, didn't see the meteor, but saw the clouds light up with a very bright greenish tinged light to the South / South-East which appeared to move for several seconds. Several minutes later heard a low rolling rumble. Instantly thought it was lightning and was waiting for a very loud bang, it was that bright.

Unknown said...

I saw a shooting green light around 12:45am it was a fast flash it was beautiful I wish I could had taken a picture. I think it was a shooting star