30 November 2012

Hungary / Poland / Czech Bolide Meteor 29NOV2012

Hungary / Poland / Czech Bolide Meteor with Fragmentation ~17:46 Local time 29NOV2012

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Color Webcamera Capture of the Hungary Bolide Meteor 29NOV2012
Source: idokep.hu Laszlo Balogh
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Tűzgömb 2012.11.29-én - Fireball
YouTube Published on 29 Nov 2012 by KissSzabolcs72 237 views
Ezt a fényes meteort (tűzgömböt) a Sülysápi Amatőrcsillagász Egyesület HUSUL nevű meteormegfigyelő kamerája rögzítette Tápiószecsőről 2012.11.29-én 16:46:30 UT-kor (helyi időben 17:46:30-kor). További info: http://www.videometeor.hu és http://www.sacse.hu
A bright fireball over Hungary.
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photo credit: http://tuzgomb.blogspot.hu/
  The initial report by Hunor indicates a duration of 6-12 seconds with fragmentation.  This may be a candidate for a meteorite producer.  Please check security videos and allsky cameras. METEORATS (METEOrite Rapid Action TeamS) mobilize!  Researchers in Hungary, Czech, Poland, Slovakia ,and Slovania please check your networks; thank you!
IF anyone has access to Hungarian weather radar data during the meteor event please contact me by email:
drtanuki@gmail.com ; thank you!

If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you.
Click here to file a report.

Initial Reports:
29NOV2012 Hunor Ocsa, Hungary 18:00:00 My observation 6s, I suppose it was around 12 seconds If facing front to the trace it was SE-NW from R to L (in my POV started over Alsapakony and stopped above Felsopakony) Bright white flame and bright red at the contact zone Like the lights of a landing airplain at a distance of 500 m yes, I observed fragmentation of at least into three-four major parts Unfortunately to late to take a picture
Thank you Hunor!

Hungary Meteor 29NOV2012 - it was categorized later as a bolide
It was reported on several websites the event. Now our local time is 22:46, around 15 people reported here

The bolide was seen in central part of Hungary, in an area limited by Ocsa, Tokol, Oroshaza, Nyiregyhaza, Budapest, Jaszapati, Jaszbereny. All witness describe the fragmentation into 3-4 parts, the color reported as bright white (xenon), some green and blue. A report says the size was equivalent of the moon. Weather conditions at this time, full moon, clear sky in the region. The most popular news site also reported the event here:

I will follow the news, if there will be pictures or camera capture I will let you know.
Br, Hunor from Ocsa, Hungary  Thank you again Br. Hunor!

Poland -
29NOV2012 Lukasz RACIBORZ, POLAND 17:50:00 6 sec facing SSE, direction Left to right (the meteor bearing was SW) no sound, bright white, some green and little blue like car headlights at 200m 3-4 fragments fall of during flight it look like going pretty slow (never seen a meteor before though). Its flight path was very flat, almost horizontal. It flew for 6 sek and then suddenly disappeared (maybe hidden behing clouds) Thank you Lukasz!

Hungarian Newspaper account with photos-
Fire Orb seen over Hungary
17 hours 50 minutes at readers in many parts of the country saw green glowing meteor - said on Thursday night time image. According to the meteorological phenomenon portal near Kecskemét Budapest, Cegléd, Kalocsa, Szeged, Miskolc and Szentes seen. Probably would have been visible from Transdanubia, if there are no rain clouds in the sky. ... (more)

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here:

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2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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