08 January 2010

8JAN2010 Meteor/Meteorite News

What's a geographic wonder in Kansas?

Brenham meteorites, near Haviland. Scientists estimate a meteor fell over Kiowa County some 20000 years ago, forming the largest strewn meteorite field in ...

IMO Meteor Shower Calendar 2010 | International Meteor Organization

Based on information in Handbook for Meteor Observers, edited by Jürgen Rendtel and Rainer Arlt, IMO, 2008 (referred to as 'HMO' in the Calendar), ...

Geologist to detail Antarctic meteorite hunt

Indianapolis Star
By William J. Booher S earching for meteorites in Antarctica surely could rank as an experience of a lifetime. Geologist Marta Corbin, 58, Whiteland, ...

Google Earth Images Confirm Mythological Meteor Impact

Popular Science
By Stuart Fox Posted 01.07.2010 at 12:32 pm 0 Comments Gosse's Bluff, Australia This formation was correctly identified as a meteor impact crater by ...

ROSCOSMOS to Save Earthe from Collision with Asteroid Apophis in 2036

Also the astronomer told him that the asteroid is three times bigger than the Tunguska meteorite. “Calculations show that within the time frames we can ...

Aboriginal folklore leads to meteorite crater

by Aaron Cook Researchers are using Aboriginal dreaming stories and Google Maps to find new meteorite impact craters. SYDNEY: An Australian Aboriginal ...

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