16 January 2010

16JAN2010 Meteor/Meteorite News


UK Express
By Daily Express reporter The team will take a 3D scan of the surface of the Middlesbrough Meteorite, housed at the Yorkshire Museum, York. ...

Geminid meteor shower tonight may be the best space show of the ...

The Geminid meteor shower hits Sunday. Here's when and where to look.

International Year of Astronomy

Piggott Times (blog)
I will be doing a podcast for this site on the 80th anniversary of the Paragould Meteorite next month, on Feb. 17. I did 2 podcasts during 2009 (see ...

Meteorite show at the UofA

Since 1891, more than 95 separately classified meteorites have been found in Arizona. The goal of the laboratory is to display at least one piece from each ...

Mars probe scientists in York to examine space rock

The Press, York
Representatives of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) arrived in York yesterday to examine a meteorite which hit North Yorkshire in 1881. ...

Lunar and Planatary Laboratory Holds Arizona Meteorite Exhibition

UA News (press release)
The largest single gathering of meteorites found in Arizona will be on display on Jan. 30 during the Arizona Meterotie Exhibition. By Rebecca Ruiz-McGill, ...

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