17 January 2010

17JAN2010 Meteor/Meteorite News

Meteorite Men TV Series Promo

What could be better then looking for giant rocks from outer space? Join the Meteorite Men on their hunt for space rocks beginning January 20th at ...

Mars bid scientists examine meteorite

Representatives of Nasa and the European Space Agency, or ESA, landed in York on Thursday to examine a meteorite which hit North Yorkshire in 1881. ugh ...

Proof of life on Mars will come by year-end: NASA expert

Times of India
"Powerful new microscopes and other instruments will establish whether features in martian meteorites are alien fossils," said McKay. ...

Viewing the Night Sky - January Meteor Showers - The Quadrantids

One such viewing opportunity is The Quadrantid meteor shower. ... This meteor shower was first recorded in the 1830s by a Belgian astronomer named Adophe ...

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