21 January 2010


Tourists held over space rocks
Straits Times Tue, 19 Jan 2010 15:57 PM PST
KHARTOUM - Three European tourists have been detained in Sudan for acquiring the remnants of a rare meteorite that hit a remote region in 2008, their lawyer said on Tuesday. 'They were arrested two weeks ago in Abu Hamad (500km north of Khartoum) and were transferred on Sunday to the Bahri prison' on the outskirts of the capital, Adil Yacoub Ahmed told AFP.

Space rocks land foreigners in the dock
Independent Online Tue, 19 Jan 2010 14:57 PM PST
Three European tourists have been detained in Sudan for being in possession of the remnants of a rare meteorite that struck a remote region of the country two years ago.

YouTube - 天文館知性之旅__1
我在美國貝林傑Barringer隕石坑錄到不可思議的神秘聲音. 1740 views ... 2009 天文年 台北天文館隕石展有3500kg 大隕石. 141 views. peterlin2009family ...

asahicom朝日新聞社南極隕石隊快挙続々 貴重なユレーライト鉄隕石発見 ...

Monday Night Meteor (story with video)
People from Billings to Helena said they saw a meteor light up the evening sky Monday night. Most of the witnesses say they saw the ...

Richmonders report seeing meteors
Richmond Times Dispatch By Staff Reports
Meteors are bits of space rock or gravel that burn and create light when they hit the atmosphere. Some people call them shooting stars. ...

Meteors, fireball seen in region's skies
Richmond Times Dispatch
"I've seen a lot of meteors, and I'm sure that's what it was," said Kraft, 85, a retired teacher. "This was very bright, very bright. ...

How to Find a Meteoriote (video)
What type of metal detector is best for meteorite hunting? Fisher Gold Bug 2 or Whites Gold Master 2) Do I need to build a big metal detector ...youtube.com

Burning Ball in Jersey Sky Revealed
NBC Philadelphia
“What it appears to be is a meteor,” said Dr. Joseph Sowers, adjunct professor of astronomy at Richard Stockton College in Galloway Township, after seeing ...

On TV Wednesday, Jan. 20
SERIES PREMIERE Meteorite Men, 9 pm, Science A couple of guys scour the Earth for really old rocks that hit the ground from outer space. ...

Curium erschüttert Altersbestimmung unseres Sonnensystems
Neue Analysen der Uran-Isotopenverteilung in Meteoriten deuten darauf hin, dass das Alter des Sonnensystems doch nicht so klar bestimmt ist, ...

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