11 January 2010

11JAN2010 Meteor/Meteorite News

Space rocks still up for grabs in Grimsby

St. Catharines Standard
A network of cameras in southern Ontario caught the meteorite image on Sept. 25. As video footage moves from cameras in London east to those in Hamilton, ...


  12月30日,中国第26次南极考察格罗夫山队队员在用相机拍摄一块疑似陨石的形态。新华社记者崔静摄 ...

kazan university observatory ppt Ebook Download

24 Abr 2004 ... kazan.jpg. inseki.jpg ... “The University of Chicago - Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics”. ... Créditos das Imagens: “California ...

January issue of Meteorite-Times

Meteor Fireballs Streak Across England & Scotland Skies 2010, Why ...

Eyewitnesses from various locations in the United Kingdom saw several spectacular Coma Berenicid Meteor Fireballs streak across the skies.

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