15 January 2010

15JAN2010 Meteor/Meteorite News

Dr. Gero Kurat (1938-2009) Passed Away


Prof. Gero Kurat, the former curator of the meteorite collection at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria, and past president of the Meteoritical Society died on November 27, 2009, at the age of only 71.

Christian Anger, Austria Passed away 14.dec 2009
Active Meteorite, Impactite Researcher/Collector Passed Away Recently
He will be sorely missed by family, friends and colleagues worldwide. He is survived by two young daughters and his ex-wife. God Bless his kindness; may Christian RIP.

Meteorite Men: Triangulation & Gridding

Steve shares his insight on how video triangulation and gridding can narrow down search areas.

Meteorite Men: Rocks & Detectors

Geoff and Steve reveal how their gear, "The Rock Hound" and metal detectors help them during their search for meteorites.

Meteorite Men: Jerky Anyone? : Video : Science Channel

Steve and Geoff have a difference of opinion on whether or not beef jerky should be considered a "treat."
Meteorite Men: Backhoe

Steve seemed to have a good plan, until Geoff reminds him that the backhoe may not be the "best" tool for digging.
NASA use Yorkshire Museum meteorite to prepare for Mars trip

The meteorite, which landed in 1881 to the surprise of nearby workmen on a railway, is an unusual specimen because it did not tumble through the earth's ...

世界10大著名陨石坑- Worldnews.com

中国日报网消息:据国际在线消息,“天外来客”从世界诞生之日起便存在,然而他们并不是 科幻小说中的外星人,而是陨石。现在就让我们看看10大最令人惊奇的陨石坑。

ESA mission analyst suggests 2010 AL30 might be Venus Express rocket

The Planetary Society Blog By Emily Lakdawalla
Jan. 13, 2010 | 09:30 PST | 17:30 UTC
Well, now, this is interesting. 2010 AL30 zipped past us harmlessly about five hours ago. Because of its one-year orbital period, many people speculated it might be a manmade object ...

Earth Dodges An Interplanetary Bullet

Discovery News
Dining room table sized objects: These often fragment in the atmosphere and scatter pieces on the ground as meteorites. Meteors that blow apart lower in the ...

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