12 January 2010

12JAN2010 Meteor/Meteorite News

Science Cafe - "From Fallen Stars to Media Stars: Meteorite Hunters ...

UA News (press release)
Geoffrey Notkin, meteorite hunter and co-host of "Meteorite Men" on the Science Channel will give a short talk entitled, “From Fallen Stars to Media Stars: ...

Moscow Planetarium to Welcome Visitors in 2010

Those, longing for education and entertainment, will find everything in a special centre with a library and meteorite museum. ...

Video: Signs of Life in Mars ?

news.discovery.com New analysis of a 13000-year-old Mars meteorite, retrieved from Antarctica, has rekindled the debate about whether the ancient ...

Grimsby continues to rock on
St. Catharines Standard Mon, 11 Jan 2010 11:50 AM PST
The glowing dot pulses dramatically as it shoots across the video screen in a packed room at the Grimsby Museum Sunday. A network of cameras in southern Ontario caught the meteorite image on Sept. 25.[...]

OC teacher reports fireball sighting

ScienceDude (blog)
Doug Peltz, a science teacher at LePort Upper Elementary & Jr. High, says he saw a bright fireball (meteor) Sunday night from Irvine and is wondering ...

Life on Mars, continued

Scientists who think so say they'll subject meteorites from the Red Planet to a new round of high-tech tests in hopes of adding to their evidence. ...

Meteor shower lights up Muldoon

A meteor was captured on this weather webcam falling past Muldoon into the Chugach Mountains Sunday morning. (Courtesy FAA) by Channel 2 News staff ...

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