08 December 2009

8DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

Absence of evidence for a meteorite impact event 13000 years ago
UH System Current News
An international team of scientists led by researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa have found no evidence supporting an extraterrestrial impact ...

Peter Jenniskens at the TC3 2008 Workshop
SETI Institute
Talks were given by, amongst others, Dr. Muawia Shaddad, who led the meteorite recovery effort and is head of the local organizing committee, ...

Though protected, backyard meteorites belong to homeowners
Edson Leader
From there things get a little complicated, especially if you want to sell some of the meteorite pieces to another country. ...

2009 Geminid meteor shower viewing guide
Astronomy Magazine
The Geminid meteor shower peaks before dawn December 14. With the Moon out of the way, observers with dark skies may see 100 meteors per hour or more. ...

Geminids Meteor Shower: Nature's 'Holiday Light Show'
Space Daily
by Staff Writers The Geminids are one of the best meteor showers of the year and never seem to disappoint observers! Join Bill Cooke of the Meteoroid ...

Star of Mysore
A 'Shooting star' or a 'meteor' is caused by a tiny particle of dust entering the Earth's atmosphere. As it plunges downward, it experiences collision with ...

Life began with a bang in Sudbury, 1.8 billion years ago: scientists
Vancouver Sun
By Randy Boswell, Canwest News servicedecember 4, 2009 SUDBURY, Ont. - The mountain-sized meteorite that struck Sudbury nearly two billion years ago ...

Stargazing: Geminid Meteor Shower
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
By Dan Malerbo, Buhl Planetarium and Observatory One of the year's best displays of "shooting stars," the Geminid meteor shower, will peak Sunday night into ...

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