15 December 2009

15DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

More Meteors Streak Across the Sky
If you were awake and outside between 11 PM Sunday night and 3 AM Monday morning Eastern time, you might have seen as many as 140 fiery meteors streaking ...

Astronomers seek fireball witnesses
The Press Association
The spectacular sight, which star-gazers claim happened just before dawn on Monday, is being attributed to a massive meteor shower currently taking place ...

那顆隕石殺光了恐龍? -- 太空網C. Moskowitz - 時事論壇- udn城市
那顆隕石殺光了恐龍? -- 太空網C. Moskowitz. 瀏覽65 |回應0 |推薦0 · 胡卜凱 等級 :8 留言|加入好友. New Dino-destroying Theory Fuels Hot Debate ...
Twitter / sorae.jp: 火星隕石「ALH84001」、やっぱり生命の痕跡: ...
火星隕石「ALH84001」、やっぱり生命の痕跡: http://bit.ly/7MKpd4.

Geminid Meteor Showers
From Kathleen -Thanks for your interest in local reports of Geminid Meteors. This is just for fun, so a high level of accuracy is not expected. ...

LIGO to offer meteor shower viewing today
Mid Columbia Tri City Herald
By the Herald staff The LIGO Hanford Observatory is inviting the public to its campus to watch the Geminid meteor shower from 7 pm to midnight tonight. ...
Geminid Meteor Shower
San Diego Reader (blog)
By Jerry Schad | Posted December 13, 2009, 5:19 pm The Geminid Meteor Shower, one of the year's two most regularly active showers, peaks on the evening of ...
Job vacancy: Computed Tomography Research Assistant
The aim initially, is to quantify the 3-D distribution of phases in mineralogical and meteorite samples. With previous experience and knowledge of computer ...

Geminid Shower 2009 - Full Motion
Even though the evening of the traditional Geminid peak (13/14th Dec) was very cloudy, there were enough breaks and enough Geminids to keep things ...

Last chance to watch meteors
Newbury Weekly News Group
Today is the last day of the Geminids meteor shower, which has illuminated the sky over the weekend. The UK is expected to have a clear view of the ...

Earth's atmosphere originated from outer space, new study finds
They found a clear meteorite signature in the volcanic gases, said Dr Greg Holland, the lead scientist of the project. This finding indicates that volcanic ...

SPACE.com -- Best Meteor Shower of 2009 Peaks Tonight
Dec 13, 2009 ... This year's annual Geminid meteor shower is expected to be a doozie, producing up to 140.

Geminid meteor shower
The Daily Inquirer
The Geminid meteor shower is what NASA dubs as the best meteor shower of 2009. It has already started but tonight, the real spectacle begins. ...

Best Meteor Shower of 2009 Peaks Tonight Yahoo News
This year's annual Geminid meteor shower is expected to be a doozie, producing up to 140 "shooting stars" per hour.

Video: Geminid meteor showers December 14, 2009 best meteor showers of the year
The best meteor showers of the year, Geminid meteor showers are coming to North America during the early morning of December 14, 2009. If the sky is clear, ...

Pagasa: Good weather to allow clear view of meteor shower
GMA news.tv
Stargazers are likely to get a clear view of the annual Geminids meteor shower starting Monday night, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and ...

Geminids meteor showers to peak Monday night
By Alcuin Papa MANILA, Philippines—The annual Geminids meteor showers are expected to reach their peak Monday night. According to the Philippine Atmospheric ...
The starry night of Sts. Lucy and John of the Cross
Sometime between midnight at the turning of the two days and dawn on St. John's feast day, the darkness is filled with meteor showers, the dust of comets ...

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