30 December 2009

30DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen Asteroiden und Meteoriten?
Ja, als Meteoriten bezeichnet man kleine Brocken aus dem All, die es geschafft haben, die Erdoberfläche zu erreichen. Befinden sich Meteoriten noch im All, ...

Роскосмос планирует спасти Землю от столкновения с астероидом Апофис
LL chondrites – каменные, зернистые метеориты, с низким содержанием железа. Таких метеоритов сравнительно немного – около 9% изо всех собранных на Земле. ...

Google Earth confirms Dreamtime meteor legend
Herald Sun
When visiting the site with a team of geophysicists and astrophysicists, Mr Hamacher and his team found evidence of Palm Valley being an ancient meteorite ...

Roscosmos to consider project to save Earth from asteroid
RIA Novosti
He referred to Apophis, an asteroid that he said was almost three times as large as the Tunguska meteorite. On June 30, 1908, an explosion equivalent to ...
9 astronomy milestones in 2009
Earth had a front row seat to a multitude of space objects in 2009, with stunning meteor showers, wayward space rocks buzzing the planet and weird lights in ...
5 Things to Do This Weekend (Dec. 31-Jan. 3)
Galesburg Register-Mail
And if you want to keep your eyes on the skies more this weekend, watch for the Quadrantids
Meteor Shower. These meteors peak on Sunday, but they might be ...

Greensburg meteorite returns to its home
The Pratt Tribune Tue, 29 Dec 2009 15:42 PM PST
GREENSBURG â The 1,000 pound Space Wanderer Pallasite Meteorite recently returned to its home in Greensburg. The meteorite will be placed on display in the newly completed City Hall, 300 S. Main, until the new Big Well Museum is constructed.

Peapack-Gladstone officials familiar with house destroyed in Christmas Eve fire
Madison Eagle
"A meteor could have hit the place and that could be a factor. However, we don't know that unless we find evidence of a meteor," he said. ...

Meteorite falls over Wisbech
Fenland Today
By Unknown UPWELL man Jimmy Greenwood had a close encounter of the third kind recently when a meteorite sped past him as he drove along the A47. ...

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