17 December 2009

16DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

Collecting in Antarctica - Weloo
chondrules that these little -- they;#39;re like little, glassy beads about the size of BB shot, or a little bit bigger than that. That;#39;s the ...

Mammoths lived in Alaska later than thought
Anchorage Daily News
... believes the findings cast doubt on the theory of a sudden mass extinction 13000 to 15000 years ago by meteor strike, disease or overhunting by humans. ...

Dinosaur at home in Devon Meadows
Berwick Leader
DEVON Meadows meteorite hunter and natural history enthusiast, Tom Kapitany, has a special American visitor at his place this Christmas. ...

Geminid Shower 2009 12-14th December, Bangor, Co. Down.
If you missed the Geminids this year, sit back and watch the show as seen from Bangor, County Down (Use HQ mode)  ...
The Geminid Meteor Shower peaks tonight - City of Brass
Dec 13, 2009 ... The Geminids are coming tonight! "It's the Geminid meteor shower," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office.
Meteor shower 'fails to impress'
BBC News
Stargazers who stayed up throughout the night to witness what was expected to be an intense meteor shower were left disappointed. The Leonid meteor shower, ...

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