25 December 2009

25DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

Strange Fiery Object Found On Beach
The Dispatch
According to NASA officials, the Geminid meteor shower arched its way across the northern hemisphere sky from Dec. 6-18, providing one of the most visible ... (more) Another Meteorite Hoax!

Japanese Antarctic Meteorite Search Team Arrives
朝日新聞社隕石隊セールロンダーネ山地の調査へ ヘリで輸送 ...【南極・クラウン湾=中山由美】51次南極観測隊を乗せた観測船「しらせ」は23日、クラウン湾に到着し、セールロンダーネ山地で地質調査などを行う隕石(いんせき) ...

原始无球粒陨石: Acapulcoite, Lodranite, Winonaite, Brachinite ... 火星陨石: orthopyroxenite, chassignite, nakhlite, shergottite.  石铁陨石 ...

Program enables visitors to interact with space program
The Coloradoan
Learn more about the challenges of air pressure and flying meteorites that space suit designers have to face in Suit Up for Space between 11 am and 1 pm ...

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