12 December 2009

12DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

読売新聞 - Japan
化石や 隕石 ( いんせき ) などの展示即売会「東京ミネラルショー」が11日、東京・池袋のサンシャインシティで開幕し、日本初公開という世界最大級の変形 ... Tokyo Mineral Show- Ikebukuro, Sunshine Bunka Kaikan 2-3F, Dec 11-14; 10 AM- 6 PM Monday until 3PM

Geminid meteor shower peaks Sunday night
The Geminid meteor shower peaks on Sunday night and Monday morning. The meteors will appear to radiate from a point in the constellation of Gemini. ..

Mysterious night sky prompts questions of light's origins
Officials suspect the phenomena was a meteor, as this week marks the peak of the Geminid meteor shower, Barrett said. A Becker County Sheriff's Department ...

Mysterious lights were likely meteors
Gordon said that the cold temperatures and clear sky made for the perfect conditions to see meteors entering the atmosphere. He said that the sheriff's ...

Intense meteor shower to peak this weekend
Canadians willing to brave the cold and lucky enough to get a break in the clouds could be treated to a spectacular meteor shower Sunday. ...

Meteor shower could be seen in Augusta area
Augusta Chronicle
One of the larger meteor showers this year is set to occur Sunday night into Monday morning, and there just might be decent viewing in the Augusta area. ...

Interested in big Sunday Meteor Shower? Ask Bill Cooke of Marshall Space ...
al.com (blog)
By Shelby G. Spires Interested in seeing the largest meteor shower this year cascading across the night sky Sunday? Then Web chat with Marshall Space Flight ...

Cold, clear night may offer glimpse of early Geminids
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The annual Geminid meteor shower - arguably the best of the year if it weren't so darn cold - is also on tap for Sunday night into Monday morning, ...

Earth's atmosphere came from outer space
The Earth's atmosphere and oceans which gave rise to life came from outer space probably on the back of meteorites or comets, scientists now believe. ...

YouTube - universe,milky way,stars,galaxy,Space,phj,nasa,cosmology ...
【高画質】直径400kmの巨大隕石が衝突したとき、地球で何が起こるのか. 258586 views ... もしも巨大隕石がベルリンに落下したら meteor strike. 58741 views ...

Meteorites land in Botswana
Botswana Press Agency
GABORONE - Some meteorites might have fallen from the sky in the area around the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers. In an interview, the principal ...

Russian scientists with Extraterrestrial insights reveal oversights about the Moon
The Canadian National Newspaper Exopolitics News (blog)
Naturally, the hull of such a spaceship must be super-tough in order to stand up to the blows of meteorites and sharp fluctuations between extreme heat and ...

Colored 'fireballs' light up evening sky
Lihue Garden Island
“I've seen meteorites all my life,” he said. But added that what he saw was much different. “It was either a gigantic asteroid or one of the biggest ..

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