28 December 2009

28DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

Hamilton Spectator
A professional meteorite hunter from Portland, Ore., is about to put a piece of the famed Grimsby space rock up for sale on the Internet. ...

朝日新聞社南極観測の地学調査隊隕石調査へ出発 サイエンス
asahicom 【南極・クラウン湾=中山由美】51次南極観測隊の地学調査隊は28日、セールロンダーネ山地へ出発した。バルフェン山南 部までの約350キロをスノーモービルと雪上 ...

Google, Dreaming lead to ancient crater
Sydney Morning Herald
Astrophysicist Tui Britton in a meteorite impact crater discovered in Palm Valley in Northern Territory. Photo: Duane Hamacher AN ABORIGINAL Dreaming story ...

Google, Dreaming lead to crater
Brisbane Times Sun, 27 Dec 2009 13:54 PM PST
Aboriginal Dreaming story about a star crashing to earth with a noise like thunder leads to discovery of an ancient meteorite crater in central Australia.

Google dreaming locates hidden crater
ABC Online
A Sydney-based astronomer has used ancient culture and modern technology to identify a meteorite crater in central Australia. ...

Celestial highlights for 2010
Steamboat Pilot
11 and 12: Perseid Meteor Shower — One of the most reliable of our annual meteor showers is the August Perseid shower. We experience this shower of “falling ...

Meteor Hunt In Beijing Continues
Beijing, China (XNA) Dec 22, 2009 - The search continues for a full moon-bright meteoroid likely to have landed in west suburban Beijing on Wednesday in ...

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