24 December 2009

24DEC09 Meteor/Meteorite News

Bounty offered for Paragould Meteorite
Paragould Daily Press
Over the next five weeks, five fragments of the meteorite were found southwest of Paragould near Finch. The largest broke the US record at 820 pounds. ...

Meteor: Stargazers in a spin over fireball sighting
Peterborough Today
By Asha Mehta Sightings of a rare daylight "fireball" - thought to be a meteor - was seen flashing over the Wisbech skies. A meteor which has passed through ...

The Truth about Nanobacteria (preview)
Scientific American Wed, 23 Dec 2009 05:08 AM PST
Evidence of life on Mars, even if only in the distant past, would finally answer the age-old question of whether living beings on Earth are alone in the universe. The magnitude of such a discovery is illustrated by President Bill Clintonâs appearance at a 1996 press conference to announce that proof had been found at last. A meteorite chipped from the surface of the Red Planet some 15 million ...

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