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10 June 2016

2016 LP10 made a close approach to Earth 09JUN2016.

2016 LP10 made a close approach to Earth 09JUN2016.

 Newly-announced NEO 2016 LP10 made a very close approach at a distance of 0.0004AU / 0.19LD / 40,657 miles (nominal) from Earth's surface at 18:32Z yesterday (Thu-09-Jun-2016) - traveling at a relative velocity of 35,798 mph.  2016 LP10 is estimated to have a diameter of 3m-7m.

The Apollo-class 2016 LP10 was first observed on June 8th 2016, however according to JPL data, it also made a previous close-approach on June 8 2013 at 9.12PM at a nominal distance of 1,491,579 miles (min. distance 1,986 miles) from Earth's surface.  Also, according to JPL data, its Earth MOID (Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance) is listed at 8.53E-6 miles = -3,171 miles.

2016 LP10 found its way on to JPL's 'all-time closest 100 asteroids' table at position #44 and demoted 2014 AG51 to position #101.  (2014 AG51 made its close-approach in 2014).

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