11 December 2014

ONT MI Fireball Meteor 10DEC2014

ONT MI Meteor approx 2150 EST 10DEC2014
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ONT MI Meteor approx 2150 EST 10DEC2014
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Check your security cameras!

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
10DEC2014 BK Ilderton,Ontario, Canada 21:50 pm est 2-3 sec NE Bright light brighter than the moon no looked cool

10DEC2014 Stanley Ferndale, MI 21:45:00 EST 4-5 secs W-E A color of white / blue that I can't explain, extraordinarily bright with long fading tail. moon Yes The most incredible meteor I've ever seen. SO close to earth it seemed. I was in a high light pollution area, yet it was nothing short of spectacular.

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