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15 April 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15APR2013

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2013 Peak: Where and When to Watch
The Lyrid meteor shower is ready to make its 2013 appearance, and of all the year's many shows in the heavens, this is one to catch. The shooting stars of the Lyrids have been a reliable spectacle for, oh, 2,600 years or so. The Lyrids meteor shower ...

Crater core could reveal Pilbara’s Quaternary history
Sun, 14 Apr, 2013 04:14 AM PDT
Estimates are that the meteorite was at least 10m in diameter, weighing 4,000 tonnes with a cosmic velocity of at least 11 km/second. The crater is estimated to be up to 100,000 years old and named in honour of Geological Survey WA (GSWA) geologist Arthur Hickman who discovered it 36kms north-west of N...Continue reading

Lyrid meteor shower 2013 and biggest solar storm of the year to cause northern ...
Northern Voices Online
Lyrid meteor shower 2013 and biggest solar storm of the year to cause northern lights. Reports suggest that solar storm's impact on the Earth will be felt in the next few days. Lyrid Meteor shower is set to make its presence in the days to come. The ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for April 13-19, 2013 | American Meteor Society
This weekend the waxing crescent moon will set during the late evening hours and will not cause any problems for meteor observing. The estimated total hourly ...

Meteor sighting? - National - NZ Herald Videos
A reader sent in this video filmed from Te Atatu Peninsula.

Peak of Lyrid meteor shower coming April 22, 2013
The Lyrid meteor shower is expected to peak on Monday, April 22, 2013, with some meteors shooting across the night sky at a possible maximum rate of 100 per hour. Although the Lyrids are known for being unpredictable in the number seen in any given ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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