24 November 2012

Tokyo Earthquake 4.9+ MAG 17:59 24NOV2012

Breaking News- Tokyo Earthquake 4.9+ MAG 17:59 24NOV2012
A loud boom followed by a long duration shake was felt in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan at 17:59 JST.  No damage reported at this time on NHK; no tsunami warnings.  Train service may be interrupted for a short time.

Occurred at (JST) Latitude
(degree) Longitude
(degree) Depth Magnitude Region Name
17:59 JST 24 Nov 2012 35.6N 140.1E 80 km 4.9 Chiba-ken Hokuseibu

This earthquake poses no tsunami risk.

Japan Meteorological Agency Report and Map; all official news-

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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