20 November 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20NOV2012

Famous Mars meteorite's 'fossils' similar to those found in arctic
Mother Nature Network
Not only did the shapes look like bacteria, but a form of magnetite (iron oxide) was found in the meteorite that, on Earth, is produced within the bodies of certain bacteria. The study also found tiny carbonate globules in the meteorite, which the ...

Meteorite samples provide definitive evidence of water and rock types on Mars
The researchers studied two meteorites that provide different samples from the Martian mantle and crust. "There are several competing theories that account for the diverse isotopic and geochemical compositions of Martian meteorites," said Tomohiro Usui ...

meteor shower may flare up again
November is the time of the Leonid meteor shower, when the meteors come swarming into our night sky view every time the Earth passes through a debris stream from an ancient comet. These ultra-swift light streaks appear to emanate from out of the ...

Leonids Meteor Shower
The Leonids meteor shower did peak early on Saturday, November 17th. However, a second peak is expected early on the 20th. Expecting mainly clear skies and a crescent moon over the next few evenings could make for quite a celestial show. You can ...

Leonid Meteor Shower 2012: Another Peak
If you missed the Leonid meteor shower peak over the weekend, here's good news: This meteorshower comes with an encore, and a second peak performance is due above Ames overnight tonight. Space.com reports that about 15 meteors per hour could be ...

Brighter Than the Moon: Camera Captures Brilliant Leonid Fireball
Universe Today
The Leonid Meteor shower is usually notorious for the bright fireballs it can produce, but thisfireball exploded with unexpected brilliance. Fortunately, an all-sky camera captured the event. NASA said there were numerous reports of a bright fireball ...

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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