16 November 2012

BC WA Meteor 15NOV2012

BC WA Meteor ~20:55 PST 15NOV2012

If you saw this event please kindly file a report on this site; thank you.

Initial Reports:

15NOV2012 Jamie H Vancouver, BC, Canada 2055 PST 5 seconds Facing North East, started in South East sky, traveled North West ended in North West sky Green ball, greenish whitish tail. Quite bright, similar to a flare. Couldn't see any parts falling off. I was at YVR airport, and initially thought it was a flare, but it changed to a deeper green color and was streaking across the sky. From my perspective it seemed to be travelling through the clouds, at the time there was a broken layer of cloud at 21000 feet.

15NOV2012 Erika Tacoma, WA, USA 20:55:00 5-7seconds S-E, right to left White with red spek on ball Moon No Biggest , brightest & closest I've ever seen

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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