03 June 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 3JUN2012

Look Up, Stargazers: June 5 Is The Transit Of Venus
By NPR Staff It's been a good season for stargazers, a veritable meteor shower of astronomical goodies, from a supermoon to a solar eclipse. Next up? On Tuesday, June 5, astronomy enthusiasts can witness the Transit of Venus — one of the rarest ...

Methane made from meteors may explain Mars mystery
Ars Technica
Any methane it held would have been lost during its trip through the Earth's atmosphere, but the chemicals remaining in the meteor could potentially break down into methane under the right conditions. The authors of the new paper, based in labs ...

Arizona achievements in science go way back
Arizona Daily Star
Mining engineer Daniel Mo- reau Barringer was just trying to make a buck from nickel-iron ore when he found evidence that a depression in Northern Arizona was formed by a massive meteor. The discovery of Meteor Crater was not recognized by geologists ...

Fireball Blazes Over Paris -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net
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Canada's cutting-edge meteorite research may soon be on the rocks
Vancouver Sun
Rocks do fall from the sky, and Canada's meteorite experts have built themselves into a world power in the specialized field of studying them. Samson is one of these people, a professor of earth sciences at Carleton University.

Meteorite fragment donated to UCD prof
The Daily Democrat Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:40 AM PDT
UC Davis alumnus Gregory Jorgensen presented UC Davis geologist Qing-Zhu Yin with a donation Wednesday, of a meteorite piece that fell beside his driveway.The meteorite, a rare carbonaceous chondrite, contains the dust and grains that helped form the Earth and other planets more than four and a

Meteorite research puts Canada in higher orbit
Ottawa Citizen Fri, 01 Jun 2012 20:48 PM PDT
One of Claire Samsonâs favourite objects is a thumb-sized lump of (mostly) iron from a distant part of the solar system, its surface pitted and scoured by its super-hot fall through Earth`s atmosphere.

Meteor Crater to get updated security system
Odessa American
BY NATHANIEL MILLER Just because the Odessa Meteor Crater has been estimated to be about 63500 years old doesn't mean the museum's technology has to match the main attraction's age. Wanting to update the security system, the nonprofit group Meteor ...

Venus Transits the Sun for the Last Time This Century
Voice of America
We began the year with the Quandrantid Meteor Shower in January. At the time, sixty to two hundred meteors fell toward Earth every hour. In February, a large number of unusual fireballs were reported in skies over the United States.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!